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creativity helps us to see, understand and connect things in new and different ways //

creativity therefor is a great help in (business) innovation projects - to create novel and clever business


entrepreneurship enables us to evolve and grow as human beings and leaders  //

it's essential for our growth to explore and understand our inner workings -
as they enable ánd limit us to move and act in our outside world -



we talk the talk and then we walk the walk //

the face behind the studio

In the past ten years I studied and worked with design for innovation and transition. I've worked with a great variety of organisations and industries

So, 2022. The world is full of overwhelming interconnected problems and code-red climate emergencies. The current state of affairs breaks my heart - as I believe our planet to be a majestic place of beauty and wonder 

And this drives me to start STUDIO WILT - a place and space for ecopreneurs, visionairs, pioneers, shakers, movers and changemakers. To question, research, reflect, create, meet, challenge, inspire ourselves and each other on how we can create a different future. Together we are so much smarter and faster and it is about time to get things moving!!!

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