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creativity is here to help us innovate - which is much needed while creating new types of business //

creativity helps us to see, understand and connect things in new and different ways -
creative intelligence is to transfer and apply knowledge between different (academic) fields and industries -
the entrepreneurial journey is one that enables us to evolve and grow as human beings and leaders  //

it's essential for our growth to explore and understand our inner workings -
as they enable ánd limit us to move and act in our outside world -

insight without action = no movement
action without insight = random movement

design thinking helps to zoom-out and zoom-in and thereby sharpen and stretch our insight,
and structure and focus our actions
So we can move effective and accurate


the face behind the studio

In the past ten years I studied and worked with design for innovation and transition in all kinds of industries with all sizes and sorts of organisations 


To me, design theory and practice hold the miraculous power to be relevant and adaptable to a wide variety of different contexts and a great help in (complex) problem solving. Plus, it's hands on and fun! 

So, 2022. The world is full of overwhelming interconnected problems and code-red climate emergencies. The current state of affairs breaks my heart - as I believe our planet to be a majestic place of beauty and wonder 

And this drives me to start STUDIO WILT - a place and space for ecopreneurs, visionairs, pioneers, shakers, movers and changemakers. To question, research, reflect, create, meet, challenge, inspire ourselves and each other on how we can create a different future. Together we are so much smarter and faster and it is about time to get things moving!!!